The King William Public Schools Education Foundation will only succeed through the support of our local community.

Virginia Individual Income Tax Refund

You can direct all or part of your Virginia Individual Income Tax refund be sent to KWPSEF. On your state tax return form Schedule ADJ, line 23c, simply list Code # 101001 for the King William Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc. and designate how much of your state individual tax refund to donate.

Sending donations by mail

Don't forget, you can also send cash donations in the form of checks or money orders to KWPSEF at P.O. Box 513, Aylett, VA 23009. Please include your name and address so we can acknowledge your contribution. And, if you have some spare time, we would love to have you help us by volunteering for one of our fund raising projects. Call 769-7142 to volunteer or write to us at the address above. Thank you for your support.

Financial Statement

A financial statement is available upon request from the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs.


100% of your donation will be used locally.